Which game can I play on my i3 PC which has 4GB RAM?

i3 PC which has 4GB RAM?

I also have a potato PC with 4gb ram and i3 processor and these are some games which run finely in my PC:

  • Batman Arkham Asylum ,City (action adventure game as batman)
  • Call of duty modern warfare 1, 2, Black ops (linear FPS game)
  • Elder scrolls V : skyrim (huge open world rpg)
  • Super Meat Boy (2d platformer)
  • Portal 1, 2 (puzzle)
  • NFS most wanted 1,2 (Racing)
  • Far Cry 2,3 (FPS with open world)
  • Euro truck simulator 2 (driving)
  • Rocket League (football with cars. its really fun)
  • Inside (puzzle)
  • Half life 2 (great FPS but graphics is little dated)
  • Assassin’s creed 2, Black flag(stealth, action)
  • GTA san andreas (you’ve probably heard of it)
  • Left 4 Dead (online multiplayer. Zombies)
  • borderlands 1,2 (FPS, RPG)
  • Minecraft (no limits on imagination. don’t play this one 4 graphics)
  • Dishonored (great stealth game)
  • Prototype 1,2 (action)
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