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Wrapping your knuckles, stepping out into a mob-infested street, and punching the adversary square in the snot box is sometimes the greatest way to make a difference. The aim of beat ’em ups is simple: defeat the enemy waves before they destroy you. Although that definition applies to a variety of video game genres, including action, strategy, and shmup, beat ’em ups have their own distinct taste.

Beat ’em ups often feature street-level heroes who must rescue a lover, save a president, extract icy retribution, or participate in some other B-movie stereotype, thanks to pioneering games like The Warriors-inspired Renegade and the post-apocalyptic Double Dragon. Because the games often include basic side-scrolling action, beat ’em ups are referred to as “belt scrollers(Opens in a new window)” in Japan and certain Western gaming communities. The genre is sometimes known as “brawlers.”

If you’re using a Windows PC, just download and install these games to get started. Whether you’re going to play on the Steam Deck, first check Valve’s game compatibility list to see if your games will operate in the Proton-enhanced, SteamOS environment. According to SteamDB, hundreds of Steam games have had Steam Deck validated thus far (Opens in a new window). A green checkmark means that the game has been completely validated to run smoothly on Steam Deck; a yellow checkmark indicates that the game is playable on Steam Deck, “but needs additional steps or manual labour from the user.”