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Most of the time cheat codes are implemented in games so that the developers can easily test specific game features without the limitations a player might face.

Cheat codes aren’t as common in video games as they once were, but there was a time when whole publications, TV programmes, and websites were devoted to disseminating these instructions, codes, and techniques that would transform the way you played your favourite games.

The issue with cheat codes is that they are almost never merely about “cheating.” Yes, there is a certain joy in becoming invincible, unlocking new items, or simply skipping a few levels, but what distinguishes the best cheat codes from an endless selection of similar cheats is the way they frequently went on to define the games they were in to such an extent that it almost feels strange to think of playing those games without cheats enabled.

From tanks that come out of nowhere to secrets that made you the coolest kid in school, these are the biggest hacks in video game history.