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Which PC horror games are the best? Traditional action themes are often turned on their heads in scary games, which make you flee and hide from the bad guys. They are the gaming experiences that haunt you the longest after you play because they leave you feeling weak rather than strong.

Of course, the finest horror games provide much more than just blood and jump scares. As a result, even though we’ve chosen a few titles that should come as no surprise, such as Outlast and Amnesia, you can still expect to find games that employ a variety of techniques to make you nervous, such as atmosphere, careful pacing, or unpredictable multiplayer antics like those in Phasmophobia.

To paraphrase Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “We have nothing to fear save that part in FEAR when you’re climbing a ladder and Alma comes out and you are all like argh!” Truly wise words.

The best horror games are:

  1. Phasmophobia
  2. Dead by Daylight
  3. Metro Exodus
  4. Resident Evil Village
  5. The Evil Within 2
  6. Alien: Isolation
  7. Condemned: Criminal Origins
  8. Darkwood
  9. System Shock 2
  10. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  11. Outlast
  12. Dead Space
  13. Stories Untold
  14. Little Nightmares
  15. Inside
  16. Oxenfree Doom 3
  17. The Quarry
  18. State Of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition
  19. Manhunt 2
  20. Left 4 Dead 2